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What's required for membership?

 To participate in member events, membership is a requirement. The annual membership fee of $35.00 goes towards covering operational costs and aiding our efforts to assist and serve the community. We also offer a mid year family membership for $25.00 a family.

Membership pertains to the entire family unit, even if not all children within the family are homeschooled. The annual membership fee becomes payable upon submission of your application. The membership year commences on August 1 of each year and concludes on July 31. You have the flexibility to enroll for membership at any point during the year.

      SERVE Homeschool Outreach coordinates an array of events, activities, field trips, and monthly outreach initiatives exclusively for members, while also actively serving the community. There are numerous advantages to becoming a SERVE member, including discounts for HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense Association), an Educator ID, regular gatherings, park days, an annual family campout, fall and spring picture days, end-of-year celebratory events, and more. Join a closely-knit community that treats you like family, extending a warm and embracing welcome.

Benefits of membership

* (HSLDA) Homeschool Legal Defense Association Discount

*We offer secure service initiatives for children to devlop ease while learning to assist others and the community we live in along with building relationships with the community.

*We provide motivation, assistace, a sense of belonging, gatherings and experiences to enhance and fortify connections. 


* Fall & Spring PE ( ceritfied coach led professionals), field trips, yearly homeschool family camping trip, annual curriculum giveaway/swap, comunity projects ( all year) and out reaches. 

* Service Hours recorded all year, each student who participate recieve service hour letters with the SERVE seal

* SERVE Mom's Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

* SERVE Teen Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball ( FOrmal Ball)

*Park Days

*Science Fair

* Classes & Clubs

* Field Trips year round

* Teen Nights & hangouts 

* Career Fair

 * Curriculum Giveaway Event

 * Mom's Nights & End of the Year Mom's Trip

* Educator ID &  so much more

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