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This section features events accessible to ALL homeschoolers.

I commit to consistently treating all fellow members with respect and kindness, fostering an environment that ensures the enjoyment of all. I acknowledge that to align with the code of conduct, it is essential for me to conduct myself in a respectful manner at all times. I am aware that any failure to adhere to these guidelines will lead to the termination of my membership or my ability to participate in any SERVE Homeschool outings, events, or activities. For non-members of SERVE who participate in events open to all homeschoolers, the same zero-tolerance policy applies, and mistreatment of anyone will not be tolerated. We uphold a strict zero-tolerance policy for mistreatment of others, regardless of the circumstances.

classes for homeschoolers to learn ballroom dancing
Serve commnuity Day is a day that our homeschool community hangs out together.
SERVE spring 24 flyer.png
Tickets required for the ball. Keep checking for registration.
Masquerade Ball2025.png
Join us for some fun coding classes
Coming soon!!!!!!!!
SERVE Teen dance.png
Curriculum giveaway 2024.png

S.E.R.V.E. Homeschool Outreach

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